Nov 7 2009

Android and Windows Phone more Similar than I thought

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So I've gotten my hands on my first piece of Android hardware and I've been looking through it. Despite the tings that set Android apart I find that it's not as dissimilar from Windows Mobile as I thought.  Looking at the application stores for both platforms I've found that both only allow you to install applications on the device's memory. On Windows Mobile Phone if you've acquired the application through a source other than the application store then you [may] have the option of installing it onto the memory card.  Both platforms also will close an application once memory gets low.  For Android applications the illusion that the application was never closed by saving state information about the application before closing it. When the user switches back to the application the state information is used to restore the program to what ever it was doing before it was closed.  In observing this on a T-mobile MyTouch 3G this is easily observable as there's a noticable delay when the program is being reloaded.  Windows Mobile Phone has not directly provided an API for saving state that I've seen but that's not to say that Window Mobile Phone developers can't implement the same thing. Some Windows Mobile Phone programs do this such as the file explorer.

The similarity that stood out to me the most was the carrier's role in Firmware updates. Verizon is currently releasing a series of Android phones that they've branded as "Droid." One of the phones is the same as one that Sprint is selling (the HTC Hero).  Sprint's version currently has Android 1.6 while Verizon's has Android 2.0. Will Sprint's version get an updated operating system?  That's yet to be seen.  While HTC is making a CDMA build of the OS it will be up to Sprint whether or not the update will make it to the customers.  That's something that has long been a criticism of Windows Mobile Phone. It will be interesting to see if this becomes more common and if so whether or not it will be received the same way by the blog-o-sphere.



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Some one else noticed Android and WM similarities

Some one else noticed Android and WM similarities