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New Zune HD Apps in the Zune Marketplace

There are new Zune HD applications in the Zune Marketplace, some of which take advantage of the 3D features that came with the last firmware update.

Vans SK8: Pool Service  - 3D game in which you tilt the Zune to control a person on a skateboard that is skating around pools.

Piano - Exactly what it sounds like.  A piano using the multitouch screen. You can see up to one octave of keys at a time.

PGR: Ferrari Edition - A racing game.  Pretty straight forward. Use the mutitouch controls and tilt the zoom to control your Ferrari in a 4 car race.

Audio Surf - Simple, but fun. In this 3D game you tilt the zune to steer a vehicle to avoid options and pickedup colored squares for points.

Zune HD Updated to 4.3(191)

A firmware update was released for the Zune HD.  The most significant change in this new firmware update is support being added for future 3D games and other apps.  I'm hoping to see a new XNA Framework SDK so that developers can take advantage of these features.

Programming the Zune, Getting Started

I wasn't quite sure where to put this given that the Zune is a Windows CE device and XNA is mutually exclusive to Windows Mobile.  My final decision was to put this on my general development blog and post a link to it here.  This weekend I decided to write a Hello World program for my Zune and document the steps I took.  Overall I found XNA to be easy to use and plan to play with it some more (could not do much this weekend on account of having too much stuff to do from work and around the house).  You can see what I did here. There's nothing much to see visually but if I continue to program for it the instructions here will server as part of a much larger article.

Introducing the ZuneHD

Our favourite CE based media device is getting a significant hardware update this year.  The ZuneHD will be the newest member of the Zune family with a high definition video output (via the dock connector), a build of Internet Explorer, and an OLED display.  The resolution of the screen is 272 by 480 and and supports multitouch, though no word on what gestures it will support. The unit also features an HD radio and some how ties into the Xbox 360 (hopefully more information on that will be released at E3 next week).




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