Jan 24 2012

What is Listening on my Port!

Category: MobileJoel Ivory Johnson @ 10:23

I wanted to do a quick post on a last minute problem and solution I encountered.

I'm heading out to do a presentation on Azure for Windows Phone developers in about 30 minutes and as I was running through my code I came across a problem; the Azure Emulator was hosting my services on port 444 instead of the HTTPS port (443). It was obvious that something must be using port 443 and that the service has decided to use the next port up (444). Problem is the application is not configured to run on this port and I didn't want to go through and start updating configuration files just before a presentation. So how do I find what is occupying that port?

There's a command line tool called netstat that can be used to answer this question. I'll save you the trouble of looking through it's documentation. The exact command to type in is as follows:

netstat -o -a

It will return a list of addresses, ports, and process IDs. I looked for the line that mentioned port 443 and saw a process ID of 4332. From there I opened the task manager ( [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ESC]) and found process 4332 in the "Services" tab. It was a service from VMWare. I shut down the service, stopped the Azure emulator, and restarted the project. This time it came up on port 433!

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