Mar 27 2012

New Meetup Presentation Series: Getting Started with Windows Phone

Category: Microsoft | MobileJoel Ivory Johnson @ 06:45

Over the next few weeks the Atlanta Windows Phone Developer Meetup group will be having a series of presentations on getting started with Windows Phone development. Many of the presentations will be done by Glen Gordon. I will be doing a few of the presentations too. These presentations are targeting developers that haven't yet gotten started with Windows Phone. So if you've not done any WP development before no worries, these presentations should be fine for you. If you are interested you can find information on the next and future meetings on the Meetup page here:


Side note: For the presentations I'm doing the functionality works almost exactly the same for Windows Phone and Windows 8. I'm tempted to make an online presentation for both and put it on the web. But the real world presentation will concentrate only on Windows Phone. 


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